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Friday, February 13, 2009

Newcastle: Day Five

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So - it's all over - or rather, we hope, it has all just started!

Today we had good numbers at the lunch bar although not some of the individuals we hoped to see which was sad. However, good questions at the second one: I did a much more straight talk from Mark 8, so maybe it just didn't provoke as many questions.

An interesting group discussion afterwards with the naturalist again, a lapsed Mormon and a professing atheist who couldn't process that there is no value to humanity if we are simply a group of atoms, or that there is any rational thought behind Christianity or, indeed why she should consider Christianity as an adult because she didn't like Sunday school when she was 6. Great group dynamic! Interestingly she came because she was totally offended and affronted at one of her atheist friends becoming a Christian, and insisted that Christianity is intellectually totally unfeasible, and one should only make progress in the other diretion. I didn't feel I answered her at all well, and the other atheist and the Mormon weren't exactly being helpful. Please pray for C to have her eyes opened.

Last event was a jazz night with live band, dancing, and a talk on Mark 6 from me - about 2 parties. Talks in that setting are hard, but people seemed to listen.

And home we go. I guess I always feel a bit disappointed when people don't profess suring the week - but no point teaching Mark 4 if we can't believe it. Please pray for new life here, and for Mark and Ruth as they sort out the follow up: lots of expressed interest, it would be great if they came through.

I want sleep.


Anonymous Pete said...

Mo, thanks so much for posting these bits of news here. Great to hear about ongoing mission in the toon.

Hope you've by now had some sleep.

Pete J

3:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for everything you did last week to support us and challenge students in their beliefs!

We have just paired people up with CU members to be followed up and have done some very brief training with our members.

Hope you and Anna are rested and that God is blessing what your doing where you are right now.

I best get back to the books. God Bless


2:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please can you explain to me why the non-existence of God would mean that I must conclude that humans are 'nothing more than a group of atoms'? I genuinely want to know why you think I should think this. Does not the fact that humans love one another and experience and can communicate emotion, mean that they are valuable? Does not the fact that I love my mother mean that she has value, more so than her being a bag of atoms?

11:52 AM  

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