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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Newcastle: Day four

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So - another good day, although in a covering of snow. A few snowballs at the marquee, and a big lot of snow hanging over the doorway threatening to fall on people - but well done to the CUGs for preventing any accidents!

We were on the Bible today, and I just tried to get people to consider the evidence for the Bible's accounts of Jesus being reliable, and then had a little sting in the tale saying that we don't believe because we don't want to, rather than because the evidence isn't good enough.

Great encouraging chat with a former atheist who became a Christian last week: asking me all the questions her housemates are asking about her conversion. Plenty of folks about - a bit less than yesterday due to snow - and good and serious questions. Some people who have come back every day - please pray that they will come through to faith.

Just considering with the CU now how follow up should work. Agape have been quite involved here, and were excellent at training students to do personal follow up alongside their staff, but have now decided to pull out to set up their own group. So I am hoping and praying that the vision for personal follow up will continue in the students: at least 30 people have signed up to say they would like to meet with a Christian to discuss further.

Finally, encouragingly, a group of guys decided in an impromptu way to run a grill a Christian this afternoon in the tent with a panel of students. Its snowing, cold and people are busy (Thursday is not an afternoon off for people here) and yet when I left there were 80 students in the tent, firing questions of all sorts at their peers. Two people on the panel not from Christian families answered about Hell in an incredibly moving way. It was the best of CU in action - students reaching students: showing them that it is possible to live as a Christian at uni.

Praise God for these brave young people and pray that they may have the joy that they long for - seeing their friends turn to Jesus.


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