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Monday, February 09, 2009

Newcastle: Day one

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So day one began early in a very cold marquee! We prayed and then had a great CUGs meeting, where Lewis reminded us that evangelism is calling people to be included in the internal love of the Trinity. Awesome.

What's really interesting, and may be the shape of things to come, is that the university has been quite firm on the things CUGs can and can't do. A CUG can only flyer or do a questionnaire with a student, and the only CUGs allowed are on a list which has been previously approved by the chaplaincy. Gone are the days when one can just wander onto campus and do evangelism - which makes student led CUs more strategic than ever, I guess.

Anyway, after a bacon sarnie, a little bit of faff putting up a FREE banner outside the tent and getting the heater working, it was time for lunch bar round 1. Quite a small number in round 1 - maybe 30, and I rather barrelled through my talk as I was a bit nervous. No questions but some folk staying to chat.

Round 2 much better in lots of ways, lots more people, some great questions and I was a lot more relaxed.

The first talk was on "I'm not really bothered, what's in Christianity for me?" I tried using Buffy the Vampire slayer as a model of how we are fed the idea that if we don't get to choose our own destiny we are being limited, but actually how "what's in it for me" is not at all a useful question for running your life. Then how Jesus can free us from slavery to that.

I'm not sure if I quite got the balance of attacking secular worldviews and offering the Gospel right - but we'll see.

Tonight is an international event. Clearly this is a great onoging work that some people in Newcastle are awesome in their faithful commitment to, and I am just slotting in! So it's great to be in partnership with faithful folk who really have been putting in the hard yards. Mark 7 on the difference between religion and Jesus.

Its great to see some first year guys bringing loads of mates along - but so far not loads of inviting from the whole CU and it feels like little direct response after talks. Tomorrow is on "I don't like discrimination, why doesn't God accept everyone?" which has the potential to generate a bit more heat! Please pray that I would challenge people's wrong assumptions and clearly present the alternatives, and for CU members to feel confident in bringing folk along.


Blogger peterdray said...

Mo I've found asking for texts after lunchbars is a good way of getting questions - might work in Newcastle.

We'll pray for you tomorrow mate.

10:19 AM  
Blogger ernie said...

we're praying also :)

2:27 AM  
Blogger OddBabble said...

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4:03 PM  
Blogger OddBabble said...

I have only just read this as I am very behind with my blog reading. I am just letting you know that I am now praying for the watering of those seeds.
OddBabble & Wheeze
PS In my world, 30 to a lunch bar is amazing!

4:06 PM  

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