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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Newcastle: Day Two

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Thanks so much for your prayers!

Last night's international event was totally awesome. It was co-ordinated by a local church worker but had CU "hosts" on every table to discuss with people. There must have been 150 people there - great meal, a talk on Mark 7 and then people sitting round chatting. At one point I looked round and every table was filled with people, Mark's Gospels open, having chats. Loads of students there from so-called "closed" countries, and a real privilege to be involved in.

Cold start again today in the tent for prayers and CUGs, then some work, and came back to find a gaggle of people around a laptop doing worldview surveys. That seemed to act as a good pull into the tent and both lunch bars were much busier (50 and 100 at a guess) with some great questions. Lots of questions about what to do if you don't "have faith" - so people claiming to want to be Christian but saying unable to believe. How to deal with that without accusing people of moral dishonesty I'm not sure!

Please pray for S, a Canadian student who can't believe that being good isn't good enough, another S from Mormon background, and a Muslim guy who asked a question about the trinity and said he'd read Mark.

Pub quiz with Mark 2 talk tonight!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mo,

Still listening, still praying!

Would love to know at some less busy point how you respond to those who say they want to but are unable to believe.


11:02 AM  
Blogger Andy said...

I helped out at a CU mission at Newcastle in 95 (yes I'm old). There was snow then too, there was also a mid-week outdoor preach as sports teams met before heading off to be sporty.
i remember the speaker (can't remember his name) 'catching' the snowballs thrown at him as he spoke. Then as he finished a HUGE snowball fight broke out because sports had been cancelled!

Praying you will have a productive week, exciting conversations of seed sowing and harvest gathering.

3:01 PM  

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