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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Newcastle: Day Three

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Hey troops.

So, what an exciting couple of days. Last night's pub quiz was packed with lots of people and loads of CU peeps who had clearly brought friends - so thanks for praying. I always feel a bit like the talk is tacked on to this type of event, and feel a bit uneasy, but in fairness to the CU they had made the content very clear on the publicity. Everyone seemed to be listening, although, as one CUG said, it felt a little bit like people were enduring rather than engaging with the talk! Nevertheless, this is really important seed sowing stuff for people whom don't connect with lunch bar titles and we just pray that the CU members who brought people will be able to make the most of the ice having been broken.

Today was the best morning and lunch time so far. Ed the Relay Worker did a top job in organising surveys with people, and lots of interest, chats and visits to the tent because of links there.

The first lunch bar had about 70/80 with some great questions - including some quite detailed ones from one guy about Mark - which is great. The second lunch bar was absolutely packed out - abotu 130 and standing room only!

Today was on "I'm not a murderer or a rapist. Isn't it good enough to be good?" I really addressed it from the point of view of morality being totally removed from relatonship. Seemed to stir up a lot of questions - which all really lent themselves to re-explaining the message, the best type! S from yesterday was definitely back, although he didn't stay to chat. Pray that the Spirit is silently working.

A long and frustrating chat with an all out scientific naturalist - any clues on how to deal with someone who will only accept "scientifically verifiable" evidence? Interestingly, though, he keeps coming back because CU people are so kind generous and open with him. Great witness.

Please pray for fruit. A lot of the systems are in place, students are praying, working hard and loads of great examples of taking risks for their faith by asking friends, standing by the difficult stuff I am saying, and getting onto campus to chat to people. They would love the encouragement of new life. Please Lord, let salvation spring up from the ground!


Blogger Matthew said...

Re the naturalist, show him that things he values or believes (particular morals he holds to etc.) aren't scientifically verifiable - but above all that he cannot scientifically verify his belief in exclusive naturalism! It is not scientifically verifiable that we should expect this world to make sense, either - this meaning if "science" stopped working tomorrow, we'd have no scientific reason to complain about it happening. I've put very badly what Tim Keller puts so much better in The Reason for God, and my points could definitely do with some adapting!

2:06 PM  
Blogger Elinor Chapman said...

We (me and housegroup) are praying for you and more importantly for new life.

Ask the naturalist how he quantifies "generosity", "openness" or "love."
There are simply some things that are unquantifiable.

They can be measured qualitatively... for example Bob is more generous that Fred. BUT generousity, openness and love are all relational....

You've probably tried that already.
But it's always worth going back to.

I am a scientist. I love quantifying things. But there are some things that are immeasurable.

'How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!' 1John1v4 How big is God's love. According to this verse "GREAT" do you quantify "HOW GREAT"???

2:32 PM  
Anonymous jeremy said...

2 thoughts:
1. believing in scientific naturalism is inevitably circular. it's a belief in rationalism that can only be justified by appealing to rationalism.

2. talking with scientific naturalists also lends itself to demonstrating the arrogance of sin. it's basically saying "i refuse to believe anything that i cannot see with my own eyes. I refuse to be told anything. I want to be the master of my own knowledge".

4:14 AM  
Blogger dave bish said...

I think the scientifically veriable approach to everything is particularly good to try this Saturday to assess romance.

2:05 PM  

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