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Friday, March 28, 2008

I need help!

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Obvious to anyone who knows me.

Bish has been ruminating on the meaning of faith as demonsrated by Abraham. Great stuff - trusting God's promises even though you can't see the benefit.

Last night at House Group we were looking at Ephesians 1 and 2. And here is something that I had never seen before. God has given every spiritual blessing in Christ. But, that blessing is in the heavenly places. Which means that it's better than a blessing that's here now, but right here and now I can't see it. I have a guarantee of it now, a really great guarantee, the Holy Spirit, but it is mostly in the heavenly realms, a spiritual blessing, which we will inherit later, when everything is brought under Christ.

So what do I need? I need strength to believe, have faith like Abraham did - to keep trusting, and not to choose what looks better now. And that strength is exactly what Paul prays for in the next verses - for God to give a spirit of wisdom and revelation so we can see in our hearts this spiritual blessing.

That is the strength I need - to see with the eyes of my heart the glorious spiritual riches that God gives me so I don't give them up for what I can see. Isn't that the battle of the Christian life? Well, it is for me.

The good news - there is lots of strength to be had. God can answer this prayer - because he will give us the same strength to trust for our inheritance that he used to raise Jesus from the dead.

The more I live as a Christian, the more I understand that what I need to do is see things through spiritual eyes, to see the world through the revelation that God gives so I trust and base my life on what I can't see not what I can. To fear God (who I can't see) not men (who I can). To love the blessings of adoption, redemption, forgiveness (that I can't see) more than the blessings of friendship comfort and reputation (that I can). Its so hard to live that way. But God has plenty of strength to give. Great might to help me see the world that way and live in the world that way.