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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Man alive...

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...I am sick to death of my sinful heart.

Ok, so I have been busy recently. I feel like I have had far too much to do, and also making huge decisions about where people should be placed, and throwing my hat into the ring on discussions of import and ALSO having to be godly and love my church and do evangelism like normal.

How can God possibly expect me to do all that? I mean really, it's just too much for Him to expect me to do things like read the Bible and pray every day, apply everything I am teaching to myself, and care about world mission. Where does he get off - I AM ALREADY DOING CHRISTIAN WORK ALL DAY LONG! (quite literally on some days)

You know, I spend a lot of my days teaching and applying grace to other people. But note, it goes right out the window when i am busy? Life isn't about knowing God - it's about me "doing stuff" for God and therefore feeling like he expects the clock to be running 24 hours. Man alive, my cold sinful heart just won't stop bugging me.