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Thursday, September 11, 2008

And so it goes on...

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A week since Forum, and the mud is but a distant memory!

Since then I have had some time off, but despite that haven't quite got over the fluey feeling that has dogged me since then. My wife has been very patient with my sleepy grumpiness but now she has abandoned me to go and do some UCCF stuff in London. We didn't fall out, it was an arranged visit.

I've been trying to shake off my sleepy head and prepare a talk for my good friend Andy's wedding on Saturday. So we are off to Devon, and then from there, rather counter-intuitively, heading to Northern Ireland for a week.

It seems a little soon for a week of holiday, but the fact is that I really feel like I need it. We're going to spend some time up on the North Coast, and look forward to going back to Mussenden Temple where we got engaged 9 months ago!

So, if you pray, please pray for:
The Grace of God to teach me to say no to ungodliness. I have been so challenged by being immersed in grace these last few weeks, that real grace transforms.
Good rest and recovery time - do please pray that I would shake off this feeling of constantly being on the verge of a cold!
Christ Church as we (gluttons for punishment) put ourselves through yet more change by starting a new congregation in another suburb of Liverpool. It all has the potential to be quite stressful and turn church from a place of comfort to one of stress. Please do pray that we would love our church well in all the stresses and strains!

Big love.



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Ah, Devon!

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