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Monday, August 11, 2008

Here I am

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So. Here I am, once again. I pour out my heart for I know that you hear every cry...oh no. Whoops, that was a flashback to the 90s we didn't need.

I'm wondering about the point of this blog, now that I have managed to ignore it so much that it has totally fallen off Bish's star list! Is it pointless? Maybe! However, I'm aiming now for at least one post a week, both my random thoughts and some news for those of you who want to use this for prayer. Hopefully there are some of you still out there.
First. I am married now. 4 weeks in, we are fans of the institution.

As I type my wife is in what used to be may spare room (now our spare room) clearing out all the old rubbish I don't need any more. We love each other and we love sleeping in our new enormous bed.

Second, August creeps on, meaning what it always means: Relay 1 prep. So I'm just working out what I need to rework for the conference, doing talk prep, and trying to learn who everyone is and where they are from.

Third, my church this year is doing an impression of the OT people of Israel and wandering around Liverpool, meeting somewhere new every week. Sadly there's no pillar of fire to attract newcomers.

Fourthly, isn't it funny the way that the Olympics makes you interested in all sorts of stuff youd never give a second thought to otherwise - like the canoe slalom.

Well, frankly, this post isn't going to bring me back onto the bluefish's starred list - but here's a number of things you can pray for if you are into that!
- Relay 1 -pray that God's amazing grace to us in Jesus would be refreshing, eye-opening, mind-blowing, and fire us all to praise him! Please pray for me especially as I prepare the talks - knowing what to do the same and what to do fresh would be great. It would also be great if you could pray for safety - we have a Relay Worker this year with a very serious nut allergy and we're having to take precuations to make sure that we keep her safe.
- 10 for Europe - this year we are hoping and praying for 10 of the Relay Workers to commit themselves to taking at least another year to work with IFES movements on mainland Europe. The needs are so great, and UCCF is in such a great position to become a great sending movement again as it was in the past.
- Me and Anna - that we would adjust well to living and working together, and that we would honour the Gospel with our marriage!

More deep thoughts later.


Blogger Daniel Hames said...

Hey Mo did you ever hear the version of that song done in the style of Radiohead's 'Creep'?

It was... differnet.

2:57 AM  
Blogger étrangère said...

:) glad to 'hear' you posting again. My blogging tends to be in short bursts. Anyway, whether you post once a week or when the fancy takes you, don't stop: when you do post it's always helpful! I know we're to reach for the stars, but there does remain a point to blogging (and life) even if not starred by Dave ;-)

Oh and presumably there's no pillar of fire because it's not night-time: you do have a pillar of cloud though, presumably? :)

4:38 AM  
Blogger Daniel said...


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