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Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Grace Roadshow goes on...

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So - first of all an apology. I blog a lot about grace here, but as a nice friend pointed out to me recently, this blog has actually been a little bit ranty recently. So - I apologise. I'm still learning, and if I have offended you, I really want to say sorry. Sanctification, so far, incomplete.

Since I last blogged I have been travelling the country. Off to North Wales for New Word Alive which was awesome, and cold. Seriously, cold. I have never been so cold in bed in all my born days. Nevertheless, it was a great time to learn and be reminded (I love that Terry Virgo talk about Romans 7) to spend time with friends, and have the joy of seeing my parents, and discussing what they were learning too. The Relay Workers did an excellent job of stewarding, and I basked in their reflected glory, I had late night conversations, embarassed myself by not being funny, and thought about sovereignty. I also saw John Piper in the flesh: he's just a person! Who wears a tie! All the time!

After a recovery weekend spent under 2 duvets beside a radiator and trying to communicate through endlessly chattering teeth, it was back to North Wales for my speed awareness course. Coming back from Bangor a few weeks ago I was flashed by a speed camera - through roadworks - and the lovely North Waleians allow you to go on a course instead of getting points. We discovered "the reasons why people speed". Unsurprisingly it's because they want to get places quicker. 60 quid well spent.

Next - a return to Dyke House - I have now spent 13 nights there this academic year. It was great to hang out with OICCU reps and see how the Gospel still goes forward in that great university. I think what I was most encouraged by was how different the now undergrads were from me. I was a Christian at uni and lived for Jesus cos I thought I should - these guys really had a passion and belief that their friends, even the furthest away, could and should come to know Jesus. And I don't mean the college. Its a big mission year next year - and I'm praying that the Gospel of grace - so offensive to the Oxford mindset - knocks the university upside down!

Then off to Oxford - how I have quite got myself into this I don't know - to sit on a planning committee for an IFES Europe discipleship conference. IFES is a great movement. But man alive we are only scratching the surface of the Gospel need in Europe. An inspiring guy from Poland who pioneered the movement there when it was still illegal to be a Christian, talked to us about Ezekiel chapter 3 - talking to a people who will not listen - and how it is so like doing student ministry in Europe. We also had useful chats about Relay Homestart and how to make it bigger and better.

The mixture of visiting OICCU and IFES made me ready to pray for some of the excellent high calibre students of Oxford to throw their lives away to get the Gospel to the students of Europe. I'd love it( and am praying for it) if we had days like the first days of the movement, when the best and strongest committed their lives to students from other cultures hearing about Jesus and growing in him. I long for Homestart to be a vehicle for that more and more - please pray with me.

So - hopefully news and helpful thoughts will be the order of the day instead of ranting from now on: hope this helps you pray!


Blogger adomas said...

A hearty amen to your post, especially the end. I'm praying with you for homestarters and Europe.
Adam (who wrote the e-mail)

11:17 PM  
Blogger The Clarks said...

I say amen too, brother... I'm praying with you and excited about the possibilities...

3:01 AM  

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