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Monday, August 27, 2007


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I don't know what it is this year. Maybe it's that I've done it twice before. Maybe it's because I've been at home these last couple of weeks, so I've been thinking about it. Maybe it's having so many shiny new staff. Maybe it's because the application process is taking nearly a year now so I feel like I have been getting ready for this bunch for ages.

But I am EXCITED about Relay 1 starting. Not stressed. Excited! Please pray that the Gospel sinks in and the Spirit does his great work of lighting up Jesus in all his glory for us. Pray for the nervous souls coming from all round the country that the grace of God soothes and calms. Pray for the cocky ones, that God humbles and prepares them to serve. Pray for me - that I would love them and the Lord more and more. Fight the fight. Run the race. Keep the faith.


Blogger Daniel said...

Ahh... Relay 1. I love it. Hope it went really well. I will no doubt catch up with you soon once I'm back in the UK. Dan x

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