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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Why I love my employer...

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Well, it seems to be quite de rigeur to say all sorts of rude things about my employers on the old interweb at the moment. Fair enough I guess. However, reading one of said critics the other day ("in a post charmingly entitled "UCCF: a clanging cymbal") I feel moved to say something.

I LOVE UCCF! Well, you may say, you ARE UCCF, so that's hardly surprising. But what I mean is, I love the other people that make up the organisation I work for, and I want to share some reasons why. I'm going to say "they" not "we" partly so I look more modest, but also because I really am talking about the things I admire in the other people I work with and for.

They are grace people I didn't really understand grace until I worked for UCCF, despite being taught it verbally many times. Now I understand it because the people around me have put it into action.

They are not just simple gospel people What? Heresy! Nope, not really. UCCF, as we have seen, is an organisation that will fight tooth and nail for the Gospel, a but also a movement where I have learned more than anywhere else what it means to love God and serve him in all of life. There is no sense in UCCF that discipleship is about learning a Gospel outline and passing it on, unlike other models I have seen. Discipleship is thinking through what Jesus gracious Lordship means for every single area of life, throughtfully and deeply.

The are constantly self critical When I joined UCCF, my boss said to me "there's a way we do things round here, but it could be all wrong, so speak up while you are new, before you fall into our culture." I love that. UCCF is an organisation that asks for critique, and, in my experience is constantly and dynamically changing and refining because of what different people have to say.

They are risk-taking people Got a project that might work? Try it. Let's give it a go. Does it expand and assist student mission? Then it's worth a punt.

They are relational people That's what UCCF means to me really - friends. Instantly caring and loving people who are bothered about my work and life, and want me to be bothered about theirs.

They are people who drink from many streams That's the thing I love most about UCCF - the influence and stimulation from people from hugely different backgrounds and approaches within an agreed Gospel framework. Let's take good Bible handling, a high view of apologetics, a "whole-life" view of discipleship, a pleasure in God's glory, a high view of the Bible, a high view of the Spirit, a "conservative" love for expository teaching, a "charismatic" love for passionate worship, a free church emphasis on conversionism, an Anglican appreciation for covenant - let's have all of it! And no doubt some of the people who originate some of those things will think we're a bit dodge for appreciating the others: but we don't care. All truth is God's truth.

You know, call UCCF what you want - clanging cymbals or worse. But I, and many others, love it. I praise the Lord for the opportunity to serve God within it.


Blogger Matthew McMurray said...

Thank you for responding to the post on my own blog. I need to make one thing clear though.

I was not calling UCCF a clanging cymbal, I was asking a question of it and really asking why love or grace was not more explicit in the statement of belief.

Thankfully, an encouraging conversation emerged with two UCCF staff workers and other conversations arose from that. I was pleasantly surprised at the grace with which the conversation was conducted even though my own theological position would be slightly different.

I am however glad that you love your employer and I wish you well with your work. I just needed to be clear that I was not making an accusation: I was seeking to start a conversation, and it worked.

I am generally open-minded enough to accept other theological views within 'orthodox' Christianity, I was simply aware of a conversation that I wanted to have.

I do apologize if I caused offence but if you read the comments, I am sure you will be as impressed as I was at the grace with which it was conducted.

God bless,

3:38 PM  
Blogger Andy said...

Matthew, gracious response - conversations are great. Mo, good post - great to hear and see passion and grace, love and truth, working it's way out.

3:03 PM  
Blogger Daniel said...

Amen (x3)

6:35 AM  

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