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Monday, January 29, 2007

Relay 2 - things people said:

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"God is still God and the Gospel is still true" Anna Mack

"God IS the real God - and the minor prophets are like a mountain range" Me

"The Gospel is that the King has come, and you need to trust him" Jason Clarke

"Let's get into small groups and pray for a very important event: Spurs playing Arsenal tonight [sic]" Anna and Nat

"You made it seem like God isn't really bothered if we accept him or not" (Cat Brooks on my real Gospel talk)

"I was SURE I had chosen the right one" Olly Hallett on one of my not real Gospel talks.

"You are an evil dictator" Jon Norwood on rich and poor day

"Being rich is fantastic, I didn't feel guilty at all" Conscienseless rich person

"We have so much, and it was good to be reminded" Poor person, with lots of conscience

"I think this day is REALLY not hardcore: we should be giving them less food and cold showers" Karen Humphris on the people's revolt.

"It's about LOVING PEOPLE" Tim Chester on social action

"We can put up with the persecution because someone somewhere in the world is praying for us" Cuban Pastor quoted by Karen.

"Ah, the boys session - self image and masturbation" Kenny just about sums it up.

"My lovely lovely horse" The Irish boys

"Follow McCracken and your dreams will all come true" The Scotland Team

"Yet again, I have planned a really BORING seminar" nameless staff member

"God is bigger than you think, change comes through trusting the promises, real joy comes like that" Zephaniah. Roughly.

"I DID learn something by being rich" rich person holding toilet cleaning materials.

"Just wanted to tell you, Anna are going out, have been since September" (me)
"They think it's a gag" Anna.

Thanks Lord. Mo.


Blogger Daniel said...

Don't forget:

"Now we know what it would have been like if there was an Amish person in Grease"

I had trouble containing myself at that one!

Dan x

2:15 AM  
Blogger Andy said...

I laughed heartily - thanks for sharing the joy

8:30 PM  

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