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Saturday, January 06, 2007

But you got to have friends....

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Well, I have posted about my wonderful friends before on this blog, but I am going to do so again.

Back to Northern Ireland for Christmas brought me back into the sphere of some of my favourite people, for a lot of laughs, fun, food, and more shared experiences. One of which was my school 10 year reunion (10 years after leaving, not starting, sadly). It was great to see some faces I hadn't seen for some time, but it also reminded me that I am really glad that I am still friends with the people I still do see. The most amusing point in the evening was the putting of unleaded into dad's diesel car, having to stop in a dodgy area of Belfast, and the ensuing banter with Marc and Sarah. Althought it's one of those experiences that is really only amusing in hindsight, when we discovered I hadn't ruined Dad's car forever.

Props to Nicola, who is modelling to the rest of us what it really means to live out your Christian faith in the community, in politics, in your hobbies spending time with people who really don't like the Gospel, for taking us to the reunion you didn't really want to go to. Props to M and S for modelling Christian family life with a large dose of laughter. And the amazing articles for the Presbyterian Herald Props to Bron for doing what you think Gods wants you to do even when it is really hard and involves crying in a forest. Props to Chris for not coming on New Year's eve. Not. And props to Emma for having the rest of us singing at your wedding. Really, are you sure that you know what you are doing?

My friends are legends, Shloer-junkies, the kings and queens of rehashing old private jokes, and they show me the Gospel at work. Fair play.

And coming back to the pool late at night to a wamr greeting from a friend, milk in a bottle and the supply of much nice food reminded me that God has given me great friends here too. Big up to Little Mo's massif.


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