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Thursday, November 17, 2005

talking to deviants....

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Acts 8 @ Liverpool CU last night - actually, I've spoken on it already and it's only now blowing me away.

Acts 8 - all about The Holy Spirit working to bring the Gospel to the nations. And the first Gentile convert; the ethiopian eunuch.

Eunuch. Think about that for a second. What a twisted life this guy must have had. Even the concept raises all sots of questions... "how do you become....", "how does he....", "why would you....."
How would we deal with someone at church today who wandered in, who was a eunuch - a sexual deviance more severe than one we are ever likely to come across? Probably be a bit awkward. All the "lads" would likely assume he was gay and steer clear. All the girls, probably find his job working in a hareem a bit creepy and back off a bit.

What does the Holy Spirit have his servant do? Snuggle up beside him in his chariot and explain the Gospel. And he becomes the first Gentile to accept the Gospel, and goes on his way rejoicing. When God opens the Gospel up to people like me (Gentiles) he opens it up to people like...everybody. When the Holy Spirit works in Christians lives, they share the Gospel with everyone. I was about to say even those who are totally and (in the eunuch's case) irreparably messed up physically and socially. I don't mean even, though, I think I mean especially.

Lord - when was it that the church started socially sifting who the Gospel was for? Holy Spirit move us to share it with those who WE put beyond the pale, but who you have opened it up to.

Grace is grace.


Blogger Nghia James Brown Room said...

Dear maurice. i loved your talk at Cu this wednesday. thank you so much for takin the time and effort in the Lord to prepare and give it.

i am sorry i was laughing almost all the way through your talk. You're funny. and i was confused why when you were tellin the story about your strange friend you looked at

anyways in actual fact is that i dont know what a Eunuch is, and may ask you about it some other time.

plus i thought you handled the issue about the coming of the Holy spirit very well.

erm oh yeah jus if you didnt noticed i Tagged you...... see my Blog for Why.

2:59 AM  
Blogger Brittney said...

maurice--great post. i am so guilty of deciding who would most likely be willing to hear the gospel according to my natural eyes.

"do i share with the muslim guy back in the corner or the quiet looking, white british girl? ...british girl will surely be more open."

whether homosexual, atheist, emotionally battered...what's sad is that it's not even about judging the person, but more about not believing that the Holy Spirit can change people who I designate as beyond Jesus' reach. i would befriend them--i would just be reluctant to share Jesus with them because i wouldn't really believe that it would make much of a difference.

pathetic, eh?

thanks for the different take on acts 8. appreciated. i've heard this before, but am in constant need of a good, solid kick in the pants.

2:39 PM  
Anonymous B.J. said...

Hey Mo, forgot to ask you after church for that psalm of meekness, so if you still remember which psalm it is I'd appreciate you showing me.

Great talk today - great in the sense that it was both heartfelt and God-focused. It really felt like God was speaking his message through you, rather than just a simple Bible exposé.

Meekness and a firmer trust in God are two things I don't think I'll ever stop needing more of in my life.

5:56 PM  
Blogger Ashley said...

hey mo!

i hope you're doing well!

its been nearly a month since you've posted.

where the heck are you?

12:43 PM  
Blogger Rich said...

Hello Maurice. By the joys of other peoples blogs i'm posting on yours. Like Van Geldy it'd be great to have an update on the Lepreblog. Though I know you are a busy man.

5:51 PM  

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