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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Patient=dull. Not.

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What do you think of patient people? I tend to think....snore. You know, it's good to be patient, but wouldn't you rather be fiery, passionate and spontaneous?

Ponder Colossians 1: 11 - strengthened with all power according to his glorious might so that you might have great endurance and patience.

Just one of those long Paul sentences...right? No. Wrong. You see , I could have all sorts of ideas of what it would look like to live according to the power of God's glorious might. Miracles, great spiritual battles, hundreds of people converted at my every word - but no, strengthened with God's power=patient.

Having faith in God's amazing power, and being strengthened by that power makes us patient. It makes us look at life and say - God is in control, he is mighty he is powerful, and faith in that prom ise gives us strength for patience. Impatience is weakness - not strong enough in faith to trust God's promise that he is in control.

In the words of a most excellent Christian man, Charles Simeon, as he lay dying after a life of hard and sometimes fruitless ministry - "Infinite wisdom has arranged the whole with infinite love, and infinite power enables me to rest upon that love."

Next time my train is frustratingly delayed and I keep missing connections by one minute, and have to stand on a packed train travelling from a station I was never even supposed to visit, Lord, give me trust in your infinite almighty power - trust that makes me patient.


Blogger andyd said...

Interesting post Mo and one I really resonate with. It's true that in many areas we like instant results provided by our own hard (!) work when in actual fact we should see strength comes from waiting patiently (but not passively) for God to direct us. Powerful stuff patience!

4:53 AM  
Blogger Mikey C said...

How can I become more patient, though? TELL ME NOW!!!

4:18 AM  

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