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Friday, June 24, 2005

Yay Gideon!

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Well, a thought it was about time that I blogged again, especially as I have been commenting on other people's blogs recently, and inadvertentlt linking to my own, and everyone has been greeted by my intemperate rant about "Wild at Heart".

Grits teeth to let the wild at heart feeling pass before continuing.

On a somewhat happier note I spoke on Judges 6 on Sunday. What a great story Gideon is. And the reason he is so great is because he's so...well..not great. From his inauspicious start hiding in a winepress so the big boys don't catch him - onwards to his intense wriggling to get out of his divine commission, his in-no-way-dashing knocking down of the Baal and Asherah pole, to his constant need for reassurance, I have a certain soft spot for a weed like him. What evidence that God being with us is enough for any of us to be involved in spreading the Gospel wherever we are. And what a great demonstration of how kind and gentle God is with our weakness, even when he has every right to expect us to trust his word. Gideon is the hero for all weeds like me (hurrah). If you are not a weed, but a much more "bring it on" type, samson is the story you need to have a look at.

And Gid's also great cos he shows us show much of Jesus - looking weak, but still achieving God's purposes, freeing God's people from the oppression of sin, excellent. Loving it. Fair play gideon.


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