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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Who's idea was this?

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Last night someone tried to convince me that sport in schools is a good idea. Apparently it teaches you things.

Yeah like it teaches you that you can't lift a finger or open a book in any other subject, but you can still be the school's greatest hero for being able to kick a ball. Great life skill that.

It'll teach you that it doesn't really matter what else you are good at - sport is really all that matters when it comes to popularity and success.

It'll teach you how to cope with being picked on, laughed at, and generally feeling miserable with life. It'll teach you that no one actually wants to be your friend for what you are like, only for what you can do.

It'll teach you that communal showers are a good idea.

It'll probably even teach you that bullying is ok, as long as it is dressed up in a game.

Yeah, sport at school teaches you loads of stuff - but they were all life lessons I could have done without learning.


Blogger RagingAvatar said...

Sports in school may be bad news to some... but I found it to be something that really did give me some kind of team spirit - working towards being a team player.

I liked sports at school, it didn't make me popular, it didn't make me look cool.

Running around with long hair flapping and sweat pouring off my head is not what i would describe as looking cool.

Sounds like you had some bad experiences - but like most things in life, sports are good for some but certainly not for all.

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